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Some things to keep in mind for proper salon etiquette:
-20% tip is a customary practice
-Cash is King
-Be on time or reschedule no later than 24 HOURS prior to appointment to avoid charges for no show

Not sure how much to tip your hairstylist? You’re not alone. After all, the relationships you form in a salon can be the most intimate in your life. Who else but your hairdresser can examine your gray or damaged hair with such practical indifference?


According to USA Today, along with several other online sources, those polled agree that a 20% tip is a customary practice. Young mothers up the ante if their preschoolers are in the chair. If you arrive late or have a toddler with you, express your appreciation for the stylist’s patience and professionalism.


If you are lucky enough to get to work with the owner of the salon, it is customary to tip them as you would any other stylist. They still have considerable cost for products they use to make you “naturally beautiful”. Think of it as an insurance policy. If you have a great relationship with your stylist you want to ensure they stay in business. We all know the pain of finding the perfect stylist.


If you like your hair stylist, tip at least 20 percent. It helps build relations with the salon and is especially helpful in procuring a last-minute appointment. You want to be one of those clients who can call on a whim when you’re flying out of town and ask if they can fit you in.”


Make a quick stop by the ATM before your appointment. Your stylist may not accept your credit card of choice. You may also decide to add additional services than what you had originally thought, so be prepared and pull out a little extra cash to avoid the embarrassment in letting your stylist know you need to run to the ATM “real quick”.

Be on time or reschedule no later than 24 HOURS prior to appointment to avoid charges for no show:

If you can’t make an appointment, let the salon know as soon as possible. If you don’t make it to your appointment you may find that you will be charged and the next time you want to schedule with the salon they may tell you they don’t have room for you on their books.

Arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled time, so you can be changed and chair-ready at the appointed hour.

Arriving early gives you that extra few minutes to explain in detail what kind of look you have in mind; photos are helpful too. You and your stylist should also discuss your lifestyle, personality, and different ways to style your new look in your pre-cut consultation.

This best practice allows the stylist to begin at the appointed time and avoids cutting into their next clients schedule.


For some of us our stylist is also our therapist. Most stylist enjoy visiting with their clients and getting to know them. Just keep in mind that you don’t want to distract your stylist too much or be distracted yourself to the point that you get home and notice that there is something you don’t like about your hair.


Keep in mind that you want to have good posture during your session.

Spending too much time on your phone looking down during your time with the stylist can make you a moving target. Results may not be the same as if you were engaged with your stylist. You want to be able to let them know right away if they are doing something you don’t like.


Go On And Schedule Some Me Time With Your Favorite Stylist.